Apr 5, 2014

nnForge v1.1.3

I labelled the latest changes in nnForge with v1.1.3:
  • Snapshot functionality is redesigned fully - it is now doing backpropagation, the feature is still in beta
  • Ability to define custom error functions is added
    • Cross-entropy error function is added, use with care - not tested yet
  • Galaxy Zoo example added - see Galaxy Zoo challenge
  • cuda_max_global_memory_usage_ratio is set to 0.8 by default - This should help those running code on a primary videocard
  • per_layer_mu mode is added - More robust training in some cases
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed crash when using output transformer
    • Fixed backprop for local_contrast_subtractive_2d_updater in CUDA backend
    • Fixed build with Boost 1.55

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