Feb 7, 2014

nnForge v1.1.2

I brushed up parameters for nnForge toolset. I also changed default values for some of them; if you run GTSRB you will probably need to update config file. Here is the full change list:
  • Deterministic transformator added for testing and validating
  • snapshots are made on ANNs from batch directory
  • Toolset parameters changed:
    • learning_rate_decay_rate is exposed as a command line parameter
    • training_speed parameter renamed to learning_rate, training_speed_degradation is dropped
    • training_iteration_count renamed to training_epoch_count
    • train command does batch train, batch_train command is removed
    • validate and test now work in batch mode, validate_batch and test_batch removed
    • mu_increase_factor is set to 1.0 by default
    • max_mu set to 1.0 by default
  • Bug-fixes

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