Mar 26, 2015

nnForge v1.1.13

nnForge v1.1.13 is published with a number of improvements:

  • Data transformrs:
    • Stretch added to distort sampler transformer
    • perspective distortions added to distort_2d transformer
    • reshape_data_transformer added
    • elastic_deformation_2d_data_transformer added
  • Mixture of models:
    • Added --test_validate_save_output and --test_validate_load_output options
    • Running testing and validation from a mixture of output_values
  • Readers:
    • supervised_shuffle_entries_data_reader is made deterministic
    • deterministic image data reader is extended to sampler
  • Layers:
    • Parametric ReLU added (with CPU and GPU backends)
    • Average subsampling is reverted to native implementation (3D and 4D support)
  • Others:
    • Taking RELUs into account when initializing weights
    • validate_progress_network_data_pusher is extended with frequency parameter
    • Quasi-random training data randomization is dropped
    • Memory consumption reduced during testing
    • Resume training (-R) can now be applied with multiple ANNs training (-N)
    • VS2013 projects and solution added (using CUDA 7.0)
    • Fixed fancy backprop for analyzer
    • Bug-fixes