Jul 5, 2016

nnForge v2.2.0

Hi, nnForge v2.2.0 is published!
  • Convolutional layer
    • strides added
    • w/out bias option added
  • check_gradient command added
  • Imagenet: reproduced ResNet50 result (7.5% Top5 single crop)
  • Average subsampling layer allows specifying output size instead of subsampling window sizes
  • Added profiling to CUDA backend
  • Max subsampling layer:
    • round_up mode added
    • Strides added
  • Step learning rate decay policy added
  • Added update_bn_weights action (but calculating mean and invsigma during training works well)
  • Spatial Transformer:
    • affine_grid_generator_layer added
    • linear_sampler layer added
  • Utilizing cudnnFindConvolution*AlgorithmEx functions to get maximum perf (cuDNN v5 is required for that)
  • Added strides to sparse convolution layer

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