Feb 21, 2016

nnForge v2.1.0

2 months passed since the last release, this one is pretty big. A number of layers added, existing layers' functionality is extended. Here is the full list of changes in nnForge v2.1.0:
  • New layers added: Concat, Reshape, CDFMax, PrefixSum, Upsampling, Add (element-wise), CDF2PDF, EntryConvolution
  • Average and Max subsampling layers are now capable of subsampling in feature map and entry directions
  • MSE Layer reworked into generic LError layer (L2 by default)
  • Max subsampling can do MIN as well
  • Optional scale parameter for AverageSubsampling layer added
  • Detailed info on layers in the schema dumped
  • Dumping graph with layer configs in debug mode
  • Added dumping data in CSV format
  • Runtime layer replacement with data layers
  • Bug fixes

1 comment:

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