Apr 30, 2015

nnForge v1.2.0

Hi, this is a pretty big release of nnForge. The most important improvement is that mode schemas are now stored in Protobuf format. You now define the schema via plain text file. Use convert_schema action to convert from old binary format to new one. I also implemented Overfeat functionality - this allows running inference on large input data with fine-frained results efficiently.

All the change are:
  • Schema:
    • Model schema is now stord in Protobuf format. Use convert_schema to convert schemas in old binary format to new one

    • Input and output data normalizers are stored in protobuf format now. Use convert_input_normalizer and convert_output_normalizer to convert existing binary normalizers to new format
    • Schema and data are compatible now if non-empty layers match. Now empty-data layers don't matter
  • Training data:
    • Improvements insupervised_image_stream_reader
    • embed_data_transformer added
  • Training:
    • Nesterov momentum added (see --momentum_type option)
    • uniform_intensity_data_transformer added
    • Momentum data is kept between epochs (it is save and restored as well)
    • ROC result outputs accuracy, precision, recall, and F-score now (in addition to AUC)
  • Visualization:
    • snapshot_invalid now saves images, including binary classifier case
  • Inference:
    • Overfeat functionality added (see tiling option of max subsampling layer, and untile layer)

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